Wexford Yacht Club

Our History


The Wexford Yacht Club (WYC) was founded in 1984. It was created primarily for the purpose of owning, operating and maintaining the 87 boat slips in the Marina area adjacent to the Clubhouse. Membership in the WYC was limited to only those property owners who had vessels in one of the 87 slips. In 2014, the WYC voted to dissolve its covenants and transfer the facilities to the Wexford Homeowner's Association (WPHOA). With this transfer, all Wexford property owners became members of the Yacht Club, regardless of whether or not they owned a boat.

The Wexford Yacht Club is a member of the Yachting Clubs of America. All Wexford owners enjoy reciprocity benefits. Contact the Harbour Center to learn more- (843) 686-8813.



There are numerous harbour-related activities offered throughout the year.

A few annual favorites include:

  • Blessing of the Fleet (March)
  • New Boat Commissioning (October)
  • Festival of Lights (December)

Other regular and special events include:

  • Monthly Docktails (Commodore Dock Party)
  • Adult Fishing Tournaments- including both In-Harbour AND Deep Sea
  • Children's In-Harbour Fishing Tournaments
  • Boating Excursions to Beaufort, Dataw Island and more!
  • Boating Education sessions, such as First Mate classes (offered on an individual or group basis)