Tennis Leagues

Wexford Tennis is home to several tennis groups and programs. Are you the type of tennis player that just wants to come out and have fun or are you the type of player that thrives on competitive match? Our Tennis Professionals can help point you in the right direction.


USTA is played all year at Wexford. Depending on the season, we have adult and senior teams of men's and ladies that compete against other clubs, combo mixed doubles teams and super senior tennis, men's and ladies combo doubles as well as combo mixed doubles team tennis. We also have junior team tennis in the spring and fall.


During the fall, men's and ladies interclub is played locally with ratings ranging from 2.5-4.0

Junior Tennis


Our Junior Tennis team and players are very active and always striving to stay at the top of their game. The Wexford Tennis Professionals take the time that is needed with our junior players to help them continue to improve their game and reach their goals. The Wexford Junior Team Tennis member numbers continue to grow with each new season.