Wexford Foundation

“It is with pleasure and great hope that I announce the formation of your Wexford Foundation. We have all witnessed the caring and compassion of our friends in Wexford. The willingness to reach out to help those having a difficult time, seems to be present at every turn. It is with this spirit that the Wexford Foundation has been created to embolden the idea of philanthropy within our community both collectively and individually." -- Jim Hicks, Chairman of the Board, 2012

These words which capture the essence of the Foundation’s mission were used to describe the new Foundation in a letter to the members of Wexford. The support received from the many members who have become involved in the Foundation, has allowed Wexford to make a positive difference to the lives of many in Beaufort County, and especially right here on Hilton Head Island. Whether it is the Alzheimer’s patient and caregiver for whom we provide respite care or the homeless family with children that we help to provide housing, the grants from the Foundation are doing wonderful work, and its success has been a positive light that shines from Wexford.

Since its inception in 2012, the Wexford Foundation has granted over $1.3 Million  to local charities as the result of members’ generous donations and support of their fundraising events. Every February over 30 well-deserving local charities receive grants totaling over $200,000 at the 'Annual Grants Luncheon' and in addition to the annual grant process, the Foundation has awarded several Major Impact Grants to charities where the funding of specific projects has significantly impacted the outstanding work that these charities are doing in the community.

For more information, visit www.WexfordFoundation.com.